Solar 12V DC LED Bulb of 4Watts


12V Solar DC LED Bulb which you can connect with any 12V battery or solar panel. You can use this bulb in home, shop, kitchen, classroom etc. places. The Ultra Efficient LED light is 100% more efficient than CFL, and 185% more efficient than incandescent bulbs. It also has 6 times more life than CFL.

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  • Max Power consumption: 4Watts
  • Colour temperature: Cool White (6500K)
  • Operating Voltage: 12Volts
  • Lumen Output: 120 lm (at source)
  • System efficiency: 98%

1 review for Solar 12V DC LED Bulb of 4Watts

  1. I have purchased this dc bulb and use it through my 12V battery. Brightness of this bulb is too good. I am very much satisfied with this product.

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